Monday, December 30, 2013

3 Things you can do to change your 2014 Christian!

I don't often do New Years Resolutions. But when I do, they are usually long on hearing and soft on doing!

We live in a culture of hearers. Especially in the Church, we value the importance of hearing don't we? I don't know how many times I've been giving instructions and I hear the words "Oh I've heard that before".  We somehow think as long as we "hear" it, we are ok. However the Book of James paints a different picture of what is really important.  It talks about doing. Check this out from James 1:22-24:

"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror, after looking at himself, goes away and  immediately forgets what he looks like. But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it, not forgetting what they  heard, but doing it. They will be blessed in what they do."

I want to give you 3 things that will that you as a Christian can do to change your 2014!

1) Make it your absolute priority to spend time with Jesus.

Everyone who has been to church more than 5 minutes has heard this but remember it's not the hearing that matters. The really question is do you do it? I honestly  believe the vast majority know they need to spend time with God, they just don't. No one who gets into the presence of God remains the same.

2) Live what you say you believe.

The old group DC Talk said: "The single greatest cause of atheism in the world are christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, but deny him with their actions". Jesus said in the book of Luke "Why do you call me your Lord and not do the things that I say?"

3) Share your faith.

 This generation of people has been given the greatest news of the ages and yet 90% of Christians will never share their faith a single time in their lives.  We talk about what we love. We talk about what we care about. If you care about your faith in Christ, learn to share it with others.

**I hope you will read more often and in 2014 be sure to watch for our new Chris Wells Podcast!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why I am "Happy Happy Happy" that Phil Robertson got suspended by A&E!

I hope you will excuse the pun, but anyone who knows Chris Wells knows that I am not afraid to call .....ummmm ....."A duck a duck". Furthermore any of you who follow me on social media knows that few years ago I called Phil Robertson out for making a Bennelli Shotgun commercial that used a sexily clad young lady to sell shotguns. However with that being said I hope you will take time to read why I'm glad that Phil Robertson got suspended by A&E to the end.

Just before World War 2 the United States of America was sitting on the sidelines as Europe battled evil for its very life. While the US publicly agreed with Europe in principle, little or no action was taken at all. The US was content to live in a neutral don't get anyone upset way of life. That all changed December 7, 1941 when the Japanese air force shook our nation to its very core. The wake up call shaped an entire generation of people that responded in such an overwhelmingly heroic fashion they have since been heralded as "The Greatest Generation".

The Christian Community needs just such a wake up call. Now let me dial back and say that I am not at  all equating the firing of a TV personality to Pearl Harbor. I am also not in the least worried about Phil Robertson having a job. I do think however that what has happened is a good thing and can serve as a alarm for Christians to see its time to wake up. Our world is doing just what the Word of God always says it will do:... hate the followers of Jesus.

It never ceases to amaze me how often the Christian community is shocked when "The World" shows its true colors. Listen to what Jesus says in John  15:18 "if the world hates you, keep in mind it hated me first". Mark 13:13 "Everyone will hate you because of me. but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. Listen to the NLT on Matthew 10:22 "And all the nations will hate you because you are my followers"...

Our Current America preaches tolerance for everyone except the followers of Jesus. It champions freedom of speech to EVERYONE except those who would say sin is sin. It shouts the benefits of CHANGE as long as that change doesn't involve repentance. It praises the virtues of having faith in a god as long as that god is not the HOLY God.

Yeah I think what happened to Phil is a good thing, and this is why I'm Happy Happy Happy it happened:

1) It shows when you are persecuted for standing with Jesus you are doing something right

The book of James begins by saying: "Dear brothers and sisters when trouble comes your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy"...

2) It shows when people are publicly persecuted for Christ it's often in preparation for coming awakening.

I don't believe it was a coincidence that in the book of Acts it mentions that a young man named Saul stood and watched as Stephen was stoned. I'm hoping Men see it's time to wake up.

3) It shows what happens when Real Men follow Jesus   

God doesn't need any of us. However,  the Bible says He chooses to use those whose hearts are completely His. Today's men are washed to and fro by the tide of society, and it is such a refreshing contrast when we see real men who cannot be moved. That only comes from following Jesus.

4) It shows Phil Robertson is in the safest place He can be. The center of the will of God

The Duck commander has yielded his life to the "Life Commander". There is no safer place a man can be. 

Have you yielded your life to Christ? My prayer is that with the suspension of  Phil, that God will use this to bring many people into relationship with Himself and that makes me "Happy Happy Happy"!

*Chris Wells is a Full time speaker and Chaplain for the BASS Elite Series. To find out more about how to get Chris to your church go to or call at 864-414-9453.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What would Jesus do? (What would you do?)

(James Wesley Wells Jr)

When I was a kid I had the privilege and the horror of having my Dad teach me in Sunday School one year. It was good because he made sure that I knew all the answers. It was bad because when your Dad is the teacher there is zero chance you are going to get away with anything in the mischievous realm. I honestly don't remember very many lessons from those years, however there is one lesson my Dad taught and lived. He told us whenever you get in a situation where you don't know what to do, ask: What would Jesus do?

Now before you think that Dad was ripping off the WWJD campaign of the 90's you need to realize that my Dad said that in the 1970s. The major point that I want to make to you today is not so much that I think my Dad invented WWJD, but my Dad lived WWJD so much so it cost him everything.

In 1979 our family owned a small grocery store that was known for having the finest meat in the county. People would shop for groceries at other stores and drive upwards of 15 miles just to buy their meat from my Dad's store. Wells Self Service was a staple in the small town I grew up in and made my father a decent living. On a fall night of that year everything changed.

Dad was the Captain of the volunteer Fire Department and was called out to a fire on the opposite side of town from where we lived. On arriving he surveyed the situation and began to radio directions to the fire truck as how to proceed. For some reason his radio wouldn't work so he started to run around the house that was on fire to give directions to the truck in person.

Now my Dad could run, and as he rounded the side of the house in the dark a freak accident occurred. He ran dead into a metal clothesline which nearly everyone had in those days. The line caught him in the mouth, lodged up into his back teeth and stuck. The force of the blow threw his feet straight up and on the way down literally cut most of his top teeth out.

As Dad hit the ground his right hip was broken, but somehow he managed to get up and make his way to the Firetruck. The story goes that the first man who saw him got sick to his stomach, and my Dad was rushed to a hospital 10 miles away. Upon arrival as they were wheeling him into the Emergency room my father noticed that his Dad's doctor was leaving. He called out to the Doctor and asked if he would look at his situation. The Doctor replied: "There is a good intern on call". My Dad answered: "Please I would like for you to see me".

The Doctor had my Dad's hip x-rayed, and determined that nothing was broken. He then sent my Dad to the Dentist to get his mouth sewed up. For the next week or so my Dad could not walk, and laid in his bed in unbearable pain. Finally my mother took him to a different Doctor who after requesting the all ready taken x-ray found the hip fracture immediately. He was told that it was too late to reset it, and as a result my Dad never walked without a cane again.

The results of that night were life changing for my Dad and my family. He soon went on disability and lost his business and his main source of income. My family went from having what they wanted to struggling to get anything we needed. In the next few months and years lawyer after lawyer contacted my Dad telling them that he had a text book law suit and should sue the Doctor for everything he could get. My Dad refused over and over again to ever bring a law suit against the Doctor's negligence.

When I turned 16 years old I was sitting down with my Dad on his day bed that he kept in our living room, and I asked him why he never would sue that Doctor. What he said made one of the greatest impacts on my life.

 My Dad said: "Son, that man was leaving and I called him back in to see me. He didn't ask for that, I did. When they asked me if I wanted to sue him I didn't know what to do. So I asked myself What would Jesus do?

As a result of that injury my father went on to have 18 major surgeries, and eventually died at age 64. I never heard him question God one time. My Dad wasn't perfect, but he truly lived:

What would Jesus do?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Why Churches should do Men's outreach on Thursdays in the Fall.

*Chris Wells is the chaplain for the BASS Elite Series and started Wellspoken Ministries in 2004. Since that time he has spoken at nearly 700 Wild Game Banquets and Men's Events all over the country. Here are some of the tips he has for getting the most out of your Men's Outreach Event.

 So many Churches today tell me they want to have a Men's event that reaches men who don't know Jesus, then strategize to do everything they can to keep lost men away. If you are truly going to have an outreach event for men that don't know Jesus, getting them there should be a main priority. I share this with Churches every year, and every Fall I have all my Saturdays booked with events and very few Thursdays. Here are some reasons Thursdays are a better option for guys who don't know Jesus.

1) Friday nights are High School Football nights. If you choose to do a Men's event on a Friday Night in the Fall you automatically lose the Dad whose son plays football and the High school football fan.

2) Fishermen and Hunters, hunt and fish on Saturdays and Sundays. A guy that has been waiting to get in the deer stand all week probably isn't going to leave early to come to your event. Tournaments don't end until 3 pm and that guy probably isn't going to rush to your event.

3) Saturday afternoon is College football day and Sunday is NFL Day. Guys who are lost are not going to attend your event over their favorite team. Football for most men in the US is not a game its a religion.

These are 3 Facts of outreach events in the Fall. Too many Christians today forget what its like to be lost. No matter how much you think they SHOULD come they won't. So plan  your events wisely. I will be offering further tips on how to do this in later Blog posts, but for now here is why Thursdays work best.

1) Thursdays are a great outreach night for guys because it doesn't knock out their weekend.

2) An event on Thursday allows them to get to be in a hunting/Fishing/Sports environment for a couple of hours.

3) It breaks up the week. This is huge because most guys are chomping at the bit to get in the woods, on the water, or see the game. Thursdays allow them to get a taste of it before the weekend.

 Having your outreach event on Thursday may not be as convenient to your Church members or Church Staff, but remember an Outreach Event is not only for you. It's for them.

** If you would like more information on booking Chris Wells as a speaker or an Outreach Consultant, he can be reached at:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Least likely to write a Novel"

I once wrote a paper in High School that was very bad. Now anyone that knows me is aware that I wasn't always the brightest knife in the drawer in my high school academic career. The paper was on the character of Pearl in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.  Honestly I just wanted to get it over with, so after plagiarizing a few Cliff notes I handed in my work. My English teacher took the opportunity to teach me quite a lesson. She distributed copies of my paper to the class, and proceeded to teach a "How not to write a paper" seminar that I learned very well. I crossed off being an author from my life's goals that day.

Now I know that wasn't my teachers goal, and as God so often does, He changed my heart on the matter. So with Macbook in hand I am endeavoring to "Pen" my first Christian Fiction Novel. I tell you this because  it is an undertaking that I am embarking on in profound fear and trepidation. They say that speaking in front of people, elicits more fear than even the grim reaper. Not so for me. Writing has always been a nemesis that brought out my deepest anxieties.  So with that said I want to ask you to pray for me as I start this journey.

My goal is write a book that will reach out to the people that I identify with most. Common Sportsmen and Fishermen who as Pat Conroy wrote: "Grew up in love with the shape of Boats". My hope is that men will be entertained, inspired and even challenged to live in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

 I covet your prayers for the man that should have been voted least likely to write a novel.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Whether you bleed Orange, Garnet, Crimson or Carolina Blue....Jesus bled for YOU!

It's a week away, and I can feel the energy in the air. I'm always amazed at how excited we all get at the anticipation of the first Kick off. Prognostication is at its height as the name calling commences and the preparation for game 1 is in full swing!  Football season is here!

Now because I live in South Carolina, I only watch the NFL when I have to. No our allegiances lie in the realm of the college ranks. I really realized that fact when my 10 year old son asked a question on the tour we took of Lambeau Field in Green bay Wisconsin. The tour guide was rattling off the virtues of the famed stadium when he suddenly paused to ask if anyone had questions. My son's hand immediately went up, and with a straight face that made me proud he asked: "What Division of the SEC do the Packers play in?" In South Carolina College football is king!

 Have you ever noticed how excited people get over their football teams? Let me tell you about a couple of friends I have.  On Game day he paints half his face Garnet and half his face Black. He goes out to his Garnet and Black pick up truck, the one with the Giant chicken flag behind it, cranks up and heads to Columbia. When the Gamecocks score he goes nuts!

I have another friend who believes with all his heart that their is nothing more deeply religiously moving than watching the Clemson Tigers Touch a rock and run down the Hill in famed Death Valley!  He goes ballistic!

 Go Cocks, Roll Tide, Go Dawgs, Geaux Tigers, War Eagle, Gig em, Hook em, Kill em, Go Gators, Go Vols, Woo pig Suey, Go Big Blue, Go big Red, Go Pack, Go Heels, Rockytop and the list goes on and on,  We will all scream  and stand tall to anyone who will listen about our team.

Football is 11 guys trying to put a piece of Pig skin over a line, and we go nuts over it, and yet we wont tell anyone about who saved us from DEATH AND HELL. 

In my denomination it takes 94 people to lead one person to faith in Christ. Statistics tell us that 90% of professing Christians will never share their faith one time!

That's Pathetic!

During this football season wouldn't it be amazing if Christians had the same zeal about our savior as they do about their team? Let's keep our eye on the ball and remember..............

Whether you bleed Orange, Garnet, Crimson or Carolina Blue........Jesus Christ Bled for you! 

And may that tide truly Roll!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Extinction of Freedom

 As Memorial Day weekend is approaching it brings back memories of days past. Growing up my family spent Memorial day weekend in a small green cinder block cabin that my Grandfather built on Princess Pond Subdivision on the banks of Lake Marion. Each memorial day I would brace myself for "the speech" my Dad would give just before we hit the water for a day of swimming, fishing, and pleasure boating. Dad would sit us down on a big cypress bench near the water and tell us to look out at the beautiful Lake. I can give this speech verbatim you see because I still give it to my kids. He would say " You see this lake out here. Today you are going to get to fish and swim and enjoy the day, but the reason you are able to do that is because Men gave their lives for you to be able to. Men like John Kenneth Wells who served his country. Survived the Bataan Death March and then perished in a prison  camp. He did that so that you and I could enjoy what we have today. And what do we have?........Freedom!"

My Dad took freedom seriously, but that doesn't seem to be the case with most Americans today. A few years ago I was contracted by a Church to do some Ministry for them,  and while eating lunch one day together the conversation moved towards a recent Ban put in place by the city of Greenville which prohibits smoking in the entire downtown area. My friend said "Oh I'm in favor of that, I cant stand people smoking while I'm eating". Now let me say that I am certainly not endorsing smoking or any particular vice for that matter, however I pointed out to him that acts like that are how freedom becomes extinct. I said "How long is it going to be before they prohibit Hamburgers in downtown Greenville?" The reply was something like "Ohh that will never happen". But it does happen. New York city has already banned foods with any trans fats in them. Now I know what you are thinking. "Chris come on man trans fats and smoking is bad for us" and my reply is just wait. Let me illustrate it like this.

In Florida last year a young man decided to get on a pool float on the beach where his friends were enjoying the day. He laid on the float and went to sleep. When he awoke he was nearly 2 miles offshore. He was blessed because a Coast guard helicopter spotted him and brought him to safety. When questioned he replied: "I only closed my eyes for a second and when I woke up I couldn't see land". It only takes a few minutes of letting our guard down to be far far off course. We have seen the tide of freedom slowly ebbing out a bit at a time but pretty soon we will not be able to see land. If the drift continues it may be too late.

The freedoms we enjoy are being attacked and taken away by the current administration at every turn. Gun control, forced medical care, media bias, government corruption and cover up, Conservative Christian profiling and targeting, overspending resulting in debt enslavement, punishment of success, welfare proliferation, apologizing to our enemies and lack of Presidential institutional control. All while the media reports a 53% approval rating?

Yes our Freedom IS in danger.

We live in a country that was started by people who's freedoms were being taken away. Who rose up to  and not only voiced their opinions about freedom they took action to ensure that it was obtained and kept.  One of my favorite Patriots said it like this:

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” 
― Patrick Henry

Freedom is worth standing up for. Freedom is worth speaking out for. Freedom is worth Fighting for. Freedom is worth Dying for!

We have all kinds of causes in this world, but without the Cause of freedom, all other causes are lost!
Don't let our Freedom go Extinct!

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Wellspoken Ministries Sponsorship Packages

 Chris Wells started Wellspoken Ministries with a burden to use the venues that God would give him to challenge Sportsmen and Students to live in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Since then he has spoken at over 650 Wildgame Banquets, Men's events, Student events and Churches from Seattle, Washington to Bangor, Maine. In 2008 he was asked to be the Chaplain for the Bassmaster Elite series, and he speaks to literally thousands of people each year. Chris combines humor with powerful truth, and is truly a gifted communicator.

WSM is looking for sponsors who would like to partner with Chris, and utilize his unique and creative skill set in their advertising.  Chris speaks to thousands of people each year and travels to every BASS Elite Series Event. Chris will meet with each sponsor and give personal updates on how their products are being viewed and represented. Below is a break down of the sponsorship packages. If you or your business would like to speak with Chris about becoming a Ministry sponsor you can reach Chris at or Call him at 864-414-9453. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sponsorship Package 1: $500 (Sponsor provides product for Chris to use and promote)
* Personal meeting with Chris to set expectations and updates.
* Logo on Chris' speaking tournament shirts.
* Mentions at each speaking engagements.

Sponsorship Package 2: $1000 (Sponsor provides product for Chris to use and promote)
* Personal meeting with Chris to set expectations and updates.
* Logo on Chris' speaking tournament shirts.
* Mentions at each speaking engagement.
* Logo on the New website.

Sponsorship Package 3: $1500 (Sponsor provides product for Chris to use and promote)
* Personal meeting with Chris to set expectations and updates.
* Logo on Chris' speaking tournament shirts.
* Mentions at each speaking engagement.
* Logo on the New website.
* Logo and space on the Wellspoken Ministry Wrapped vehicle. (Vehicle generates 40,000 impressions every 6 hours its on the road) (2 seasons on the truck)
* Having Chris to work shows and/ or exhibits (when available) Sponsor covers Chris' travel.

Product Sponsorship Package
*Chris will meet with companies to negotiate product sponsorship on an individual basis. Chris is actively looking for Rod and tackle sponsors as well as a boat sponsor.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Gone Fishing!

     In the movie Forest Gump, Forest makes a life statement. He says: “ I used to run to get me where I was going, but I never thought it would take me anywhere”.  I feel the same way about Bass Fishing! As a kid I had a passion for professional bass fishing. As a matter of fact I am the only guy that I know that collects Big League Bass Pro trading cards. I have every BASS episode from 1985 to the present on tape! All of my heroes growing up were Bass Fishermen, I remember a guy coming to school one day saying “ Did you see how great Terry Bradshaw was yesterday?” My reply was: “ Never mind Terry Bradshaw did you see what Roland Martin Caught yesterday? He must have had 25 pounds!!”  Yes I can  say with assurance that I love the sport of Bass fishing, however just like old Forest, I never thought it would take me anywhere. God on the other hand knew exactly the plans he had for me.

     In 2008, I found out that the BASS Classic was going to be held about 40 miles from my front yard and I was #2 on the list to be a non-fishing observer in the “Super Bowl” of  Bass fishing. You know you have it bad when you sign up first to watch people fish. I was paired with the man that eventually ended up winning the Classic Mr. Alton Jones. During the course of the practice day, Alton looked at me and said: “ Chris, Randy Howell and I have been talking about the need for a Chaplain on the Elite Series tour. Your name keeps coming up, would you be interested in being the Chaplain? Being the spiritual giant that I am I replied: “ Well let me pray about that for about 2 seconds! Yes I would love to be the Chaplain!”

     I have served as the Chaplain for the Fellowship of Christian Anglers of the Bassmaster Elite Series for the past 5 years. I lead a Bible study for the Pros and Non Fishing Marshals before each event, and then I act as a Pastor to the pros and their families. Jeremiah 29:11 Says “ I know that plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harms, to give you a hope and a future.” I never imagined that God could use a love for Bass Fishing in my life, but He has done just that.

God has a way to taking the things of our life (even the things we think cannot be used) and using them for His purpose and glory. The next time time you think that the things in your life will never take you anywhere, turn and give those things to Him. You may be surprised at where you end up.  As for me, I’m going Fishing!

Fishing for Him,

Chris Wells

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day on the Lake with Alton Jones

A Day on the Lake with Bassmaster Classic Champion
Alton Jones

(I did this interview for the Outdoor  Obsessions Magazine in 2008)

  Early in 2008, ESPN announced that the Bassmasters Classic would be taking place 40 minutes from my house. Two minutes after the announcement that the Bass Masters Classic was coming to my hometown, my friend Keith and his wife Brenda had our names on the list as observers.  I am a full time Christian speaker and I knew the chances were slim that I would not have a speaking engagement, but God had other plans. As it turned out I had one day free that weekend and the Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society said they could use my buddy Keith and me as non-fishing observers.  We arrived at the boatyard before daylight to find out which Pro we would be observing. I was assigned boat #4 and a big smile crossed my face as I found out that I would be observing a friend of mine. None other than Mr. Alton Jones. As we shook hands and climbed in the truck, we took off our hats and I led us in a prayer. I prayed that if it was God’s will that Alton would win the Classic. Well it was and he did!  Winning the Bass Masters Classic is like winning the Super Bowl of Bass fishing. I had the opportunity sit down with Alton and ask him a few questions about winning the Bass fishing’s top tournament.

CW:I’m here today with Bass Master Classic Champion Alton Jones. Alton tell us what you were thinking before you fished the Classic at Lake Hartwell. Did you think that you had a shot at winning this event and what was your mindset coming in here?

AJ: Well Chris I had never fished Lake Hartwell before but I did spend some time before the cut off doing some “Pre –fishing”. I put quotes around “Pre-fishing” because basically I road around and looked at the lake. I have a good friend named Glen Finely that lives on Hartwell and I did spend some time riding around the lake with him before hand. You know I have always been a firm believer that preparation is more important than what happens on “Game day”. Because preparation really sets the foundation for the possibility for what might happen once the game starts. I didn’t have any intuition that I was going to win this Classic or anything like that. I did feel Divinely appointed as I prefished and I felt God’s hand in it. Looking back on it now I see His hand all over me winning the Classic. It wasn’t anything that I alone accomplished. It was just a way for God to expand my platform. Just an example: the night before the Classic started, that’s a long night because you have all you tackle that you have been working on. Your game plan is formulated and practice is over. Starting the Classic is always the biggest point in your career at that point. Win, lose. or draw. I was laying in bed praying and something- I didn’t hear a voice but the prompting of the Holy Spirit said: Go write this prayer down. Again I didn’t know I was going to win the Classic but I wanted to pour my heart out so that other people could see what is in my heart before a big day like that. Looking back now having won the Classic, God has used that as a testimony in itself. If people want to read it they can go to my web site and scroll down through the blog. It’s titled Alton’s Classic Prayer. It’s really just praying for God’s will in our life. That’s really the basis of it, but also you know just turning your concerns over to Him. I was real anxious that night before hand and just saying God I’m going to give you this anxiety. I’m not going to deal with it. I don’t have to because your yoke is easy and your burden is light. Learning how to take that anxiety and cast them on Christ and let Him carry the weight.

CW: I got a chance observe you on the official practice day. You were pretty dialed in. Day one you have a great day. Day 2 you are leading the Classic. Then comes day 3. What was Day 3 like for you?

AJ: You know day 3 was very surreal. People that talk to me say “May you were really poised and calm under pressure” and I tell you that’s not like me to be that way. That’s kinda against my grain. I’m usually a nervous wreck and I hit the panic button real quick. So again I have to point to God’s providence in my life that particular day. Because I only got 5 bites that whole day. I had about 70 boats following me at different points during the day. I always had at least 50. You know its not like golf. When you have a crowd watching you in golf the hole is still there, and if you make the swing it is still going in the hole. The bass that we are chasing, those 50 boats may cause him to swim to the next county. He’s not even going to be there. The hole that you are shooting for isn’t even around anymore. But for some reason, I really felt a peace about it. Again I didn’t think “Hey God’s gonna give me this victory” or something like that. But I knew that Christ was right there in the boat with me. Win, lose or draw. I think if there is one thing that came out that day, that God has been working on in my life. Is that the foundation of my life is not in a good bag of fish or a good season. Those things can come crashing down around me. But learning to have my foundation in Christ. He may provide the fish this day or that day or He may not, but when its not your foundation in life. You know the circumstances of that day don’t dictate the mood of your life or the success of your life. So that’s just one of the big lessons that God continues to teach me.

CW: You won the Classic. I got to tell you I was on pins and needles, and I sent you an excited text when you won. Tell me: what had life been like after winning the Classic?

AJ: Part of the preparation that allowed me to win the Classic. You were there in the boat with me and I’ll never forget, you and I went out that day. I had found the fish and I knew how they were positioned, but after the early bite was over, I didn’t know how to catch them. You were in the boat when I finally figured out that I could catch them deep on a jig, and I could catch them all day long. And Ill never forget about the 3rd big bite I put my rod down and cranking up and High fiving you That is something I never will forget. That was incredible. Since the Classic life has been a whirlwind. There has been so many opportunities Right now if I wanted to book myself that busy, I could have a speaking engagement every day of the year. I have had a lot of ministry opportunities and a lot of business opportunities. One of the neat things that we got to do is a couple of days after the Classic I got a call from President Bush. He invited me and my family to meet with him in the Oval office and take a tour with him of the White House. You know getting to share that with my kids, my family and my wife, that’s something my kids will tell their grandkids about. The day they went to the White House to see the President. So it’s been incredible. It does change the way the public views you. I don’t know if that is the right way to say that. You are more recognizable after winning the Classic It’s been amazing to me how winning that won tournament changes your level of recognition with the general public. There are struggles in learning how to deal with that. In some ways it’s really awkward because you have people you never met before coming up to you and shaking your hand. People look at you through eyes of “ you have accomplished this great thing” and I don’t see myself that way. It’s awkward so if people want to just pray for me about something is for God to teach me how to handle that with grace and to use it for His purposes.

CW: I noticed one thing that is different about you winning the Classic is that usually guys don’t have a great year after winning it. That doesn’t seem to be the case for you. I think as of today you are in 7th place for Angler of  the year so far. How have you been able to do that/?
AJ: You know I haven’t put any more effort than usual so far. I try and put maximum effort all the time. I think there is a little momentum coming off of winning the Classic. It helps your self-confidence. So much of success in fishing is being confident in your decision making abilities and just trusting in the Lord that win, lose or draw He is going to put me in the position where He can use me the best. I have been fishing well and I have been pleased with that. One thing is there is a lot less pressure. When you win the Classic, you automatically get a berth in the next Classic to defend your title. So I don’t really have to worry about point from that standpoint. It allows me to take a few more risks when I am fishing. If there is a goal that I am fishing for this year is that Angler of the Year title. All it takes is one slip up in the year and that dream dies. So far we are about half way through and God still has that door open. We will see what happens.

(I have been the Chaplain for the Elite Series for 5 years now, and we have an awesome group that attend our Bible Study including this year's winner Cliff Pace)