Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Call to Anguish - David Wilkerson

I saw that Pastor Ronnie Floyd posted this on Twitter. Please take time to watch it. I believe God wanted me to see this tonight. Very Very convicting!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet the Elites!

When I was growing up, I recall guys coming to school and saying " Man did you see what Terry Bradshaw did!" Now I loved football with a passion, but usually my reply was "Did you see what Roland Martin caught?" I grew up loving Bass Fishing. As a matter of fact I memorize Bass Pro stats like most guys memorize baseball stats, and I never knew why until God allowed me to be the Chaplain for the BASS Elite Series tour.

On May 9th, just before the start of the BASS "Carolina Clash" Elite series event, there is going to be a special event at Lake Murray Baptist Church in Lexington SC. The event is free to all who want to attend, and meet some of the top BASS pros alive today! The event is being done for 2 primary reasons:
1) To reach out to fishermen who may never come to a traditional Church service to hear the good news of Jesus.
2)  To create a DVD that can be shared with thousands of people at tournaments across the nation. FLW Pro Glenn Chappelear has been doing this for several years and has seen hundreds come to Christ.

I want to invite you to be my guest at this event. It doesn't matter what Church you attend or what denomination you are. If you have friends that fish and they don't know Jesus. We want you to bring them. I sincerely pray that you will be a part of this amazing event.

Please call me if you would like to be a part!

Fishing for Men,

Chris Wells

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's the End of March Madness!!!!............I hope!

"You've got the greatest job in the world". I hear this a lot. My standard reply is: "It's a great job as long as you don't like money, and do like driving" I mean I honestly spend more time in a vehicle than Jeff Gordon, Taxi cab drivers, and the Ice Road truckers combined! The month of March is usually the craziest month of all, however this March gave "March Madness" a whole new meaning!

I was on the road 20 days, and logged over 5,000 miles in March, but that is only the beginning of the Madness. In actuality March Madness started early. While speaking at a Wildgame Banquet in Louisiana, I got a call from my wife Pam. She said my youngest son Wesley had an allergic reaction to a routine vaccine, and had to be rushed to the hospital. 3 "Ephy" shots and an overnight hospital stay later, Wes man was ok. A week later after playing Pickup basketball at a Revival(which evangelist shouldn't do. See Pistol Pete M.), I have chest pains and have to spend some time in the ER. Turned out to be reflux.

I then jump in my car and travel to Palatka Florida where I speak to the BASS Pros, and then proceed to FBC Tavarres. As I finish speaking, I glance at my phone, and see that I have missed 27 phone calls. I return the call to my sister in law who tells me that my wife had dislocated her knee. I can hear my wife in the background screaming! And I mean Screaming! I drive the 78 miles back to Palatka, check out of my Motel, and drive back to SC in time to take my wife to her first of many rehab sessions.

So my wife is on the couch in  a knee brace, but thinks she can handle the weekend at home while I go to speak at a DiscipleNow in Georgia. I leave feeling like the worst is behind us. Not so fast my friend!
On Saturday I get a phone call from Pam saying that my oldest son Stephen has a 103 and rising temperature, and Wesley had opening day ball practice! We enlist some help from the neighbors and get Wes man to his ball game. Meanwhile Stephen gets diagnosed with the Flu. 3 Wildgame Banquets later, March ends with Wesley getting Strep Throat.........Whew!

The Bible tells us that it rains on the just and the unjust, and trouble is common to man. I am so glad that we serve a God who walks with us through the good, the bad, and the Madness of March!