Thursday, July 16, 2015

Things Ive learned from BASS Pros about preparing for Bow Season!

Over the window in my office hangs the Wells coat of arms. Underneath it reads one of the few Latin phrases that I know by heart. Semper Paratus which translates loosely "Always Prepared".  Now I am sitting here in the middle of July with the temperature hovering around 94 with 80% humidity, and suddenly it dawns on me that bow season in my state only about 3 weeks away! I can't tell you how many times I have let the season slip up on me, and I find myself totally unprepared. So what do I do? I look to some over looked experts for help.  You see one of the coolest secrets that I have learned while traveling with the BASS Elite Series Anglers is that some of the best Bass Fishermen in the world are also some of the best Bow Hunters as well. I have had the privilege of getting to hunt with as well as pick the brains of some of the best Bow hunters on the tour. Here are a few things I picked up from some really neat BASS Pros that just may help you get ready for bow season just in time!

1) Get your legs in shape. That's right your legs! Bow hunting can be one physically demanding sport. From the walk to your spot, to the climbing of the tree, without proper physical conditioning you can set yourself up for failure.  Clifford Pirch is a BASS Pro that hails from Payson Arizona, but when hunting season rolls around he is an Elk guide. In case  you don't know it, Elk hunting is a synonym for  "Hiking". Payson has some of the largest Public hunting areas in the country and they are loaded with Elk, and if you want to get them you have to walk them down! Cliff Pirch is a walking machine. Ive learned from Cliff that not only do the "legs feed the wolf", they also make bow hunters better.

2) Practice holding at full draw.  Over the last ten years or so I have had the privilege to get to hunt with Shaw Grigsby on several occasions. Shaw has one of the most successful fishing shows of all time in "One More Cast", but what everyone doesn't know is that he is literally a bow hunting guru who has executed shots in excess of 60 yards! One of the best things I learned from Shaw is to watch tv while holding your bow at full draw. Being able to develop the muscles that allow you to hold your draw longer will put you in a position to make stealthier and more ethical kill shots. I spend a lot of nights holding that string back while watching my favorite shows aka The Bassmasters, and Major League fishing.

3) Have the correct tools to set your stands correctly. Several years ago I got to go on a Mission trip to Joplin Missouri with BASS Pro Brent Chapman. We went in just days after the devastating tornados literally destroyed the city. Brent brought a team of workers and was a powerhouse with a chain saw. He had various types of extensions to reach most every situation we met. I asked him why he had so those and his answer was "tree stand placement". You don't have to have top of the line equipment, but having the correct tools to be able to clear, conceal, and hang your stands can be the difference in filling a tag or not.

Getting Prepared is critical. Whether in fishing, hunting, or your spiritual life, being prepared is the key!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

My insights on blogging and 40,000 views!

I have been blogging on and off since 2011, and the Bass chaplain blog just hit 40,000 views!  On that note I would like to share a few insights on my blogging adventure, and also give a shootout to some upcoming things we will be doing!

1) Blogging is a powerful medium- I have written some so so blog posts and a couple that were read by over 18,000 people, and I have discovered that this form of communicating and sharing can be an extremely effective tool to reach and engage an audience.

2) With good blogging comes great responsibility-  Blogging can evoke tremendously passionate responses. I have had people unfriend me, curse me out, and I have been threatened. I have also been told that some of my blog posts have changed people's lives for the better. I have found that carefully posted excerpts from my blog can be powerful starting points for meaningful dialog. That is a responsibility I don't take for granted.

3) Blogging is about timing and consistency- Blogging forces me to be more aware of what is going on in our world. Carefully timed blogs can skyrocket your influence. At the same time haphazard and periodic blogging can really hurt. Too often I get on blog streaks, and then go months without posting. Blogging must be consistent to be effective.

**The next several weeks are going to see a huge shift in our Social Media presence. @Basschaplain has added over 1500 new twitter followers in the last 3 weeks and my goal is to have over 20,000 by the end of the year.

 In addition we will be adding a new Bass fishing/Hunting website to provide challenging and effective informational content to our audience. We are also excited to announce that we are wrapping a new truck for Wellspoken Ministries. The goal is to take that vehicle to every event I speak at (68-79 events yearly) with a wrap designed to start faith conversations. A new website is in the mix as well that will include video and information on how to book the Bass Chaplain.

Fishing til He comes,

Chris Wells -The Bass Chaplain