Thursday, April 30, 2015

Starting Faith Conversations!

According to recent statistics, 90% of Christians in the denomination that I am a member of will never share their faith one time. It always stuns me to think how as  Christians we have the greatest news of any generation to share, and most of us will never share it. I speak to Men's groups all over the country and I have observed that men can share with each other about Football, basketball, fishing Hunting Finances, business and a plethora of other things with absolute ease. Yet when it comes to sharing our faith, men become deaf mutes. Now I don't propose to have the answer to every Christian man who doesn't share his faith, but I do think that more often that not it comes down to "how to start".  I have found that if men can  just get the ball rolling, sharing about our faith becomes much easier. I want to offer some ways to help you kick those faith conversations off.

1) Remember you aren't called to save anyone. As a matter of fact, you can't even save  yourself. God does the saving. We are called however to share. You are successful every time you share your faith, not just when someone is converted.

2) Look for ways for them a start the conversation for you. Right now I am on my way back from a trip to California, where I have gotten to share my faith nearly 40 times. We drove two wrapped boats across country, and let me tell you a wrapped boat is a faith sharing magnet. I had people from all over the country walk right up to me and ask me about the truck and boats, giving me a perfect in to share Jesus. Now I know everyone doesn't have a wrapped vehicle, but there are other ways to get people to ask. Wearing a Christian T-shirt, carrying a Bible, reading a Christian book, or listening to Christian music can all be great ways to start faith conversations. When I am around fishermen I carry a little key chain of a lure made by Rainbow baits. The colors of the bait tell the plan of salvation. Get creative to help those conversations going.

3) Develop telling your personal conversion story. Sharing with people how you met Christ can be one of the most powerful ways that you can share. People will often argue about the Bible, theology, and religion, but no one can argue about what happened to  you. Its a great way to share, however when you do get your story down to around a minute. Yeah that's right I said a minute. When I share my story I use the "Before, How, Now" Method. What was my life like before I met Christ? How did I meet Him? What is He doing in my life right now? This is great way for you to begin to share Christ.

The more  you share your faith the easier it gets to learn how to share, and when you start, God will use   you. There is nothing more exciting than being used of God to change lives.