Friday, August 23, 2013

Whether you bleed Orange, Garnet, Crimson or Carolina Blue....Jesus bled for YOU!

It's a week away, and I can feel the energy in the air. I'm always amazed at how excited we all get at the anticipation of the first Kick off. Prognostication is at its height as the name calling commences and the preparation for game 1 is in full swing!  Football season is here!

Now because I live in South Carolina, I only watch the NFL when I have to. No our allegiances lie in the realm of the college ranks. I really realized that fact when my 10 year old son asked a question on the tour we took of Lambeau Field in Green bay Wisconsin. The tour guide was rattling off the virtues of the famed stadium when he suddenly paused to ask if anyone had questions. My son's hand immediately went up, and with a straight face that made me proud he asked: "What Division of the SEC do the Packers play in?" In South Carolina College football is king!

 Have you ever noticed how excited people get over their football teams? Let me tell you about a couple of friends I have.  On Game day he paints half his face Garnet and half his face Black. He goes out to his Garnet and Black pick up truck, the one with the Giant chicken flag behind it, cranks up and heads to Columbia. When the Gamecocks score he goes nuts!

I have another friend who believes with all his heart that their is nothing more deeply religiously moving than watching the Clemson Tigers Touch a rock and run down the Hill in famed Death Valley!  He goes ballistic!

 Go Cocks, Roll Tide, Go Dawgs, Geaux Tigers, War Eagle, Gig em, Hook em, Kill em, Go Gators, Go Vols, Woo pig Suey, Go Big Blue, Go big Red, Go Pack, Go Heels, Rockytop and the list goes on and on,  We will all scream  and stand tall to anyone who will listen about our team.

Football is 11 guys trying to put a piece of Pig skin over a line, and we go nuts over it, and yet we wont tell anyone about who saved us from DEATH AND HELL. 

In my denomination it takes 94 people to lead one person to faith in Christ. Statistics tell us that 90% of professing Christians will never share their faith one time!

That's Pathetic!

During this football season wouldn't it be amazing if Christians had the same zeal about our savior as they do about their team? Let's keep our eye on the ball and remember..............

Whether you bleed Orange, Garnet, Crimson or Carolina Blue........Jesus Christ Bled for you! 

And may that tide truly Roll!