Monday, September 21, 2015

Why I refuse to have Black friends!

I am white.
I am southern.
I am conservative.
I am Christian.
I live in South Carolina.
My great great grandad served in the Civil war for the Confederacy.

I stand before you today saying that I am proud that I do not have any black friends. I'm also so proud that I don't have any white friends. Oh sure I have friends. I have a friend named Robert who is black, but he's not my black friend. I have a friend named Trent who is Irish American, but he's not my Irish buddy. My friend Michelle is a full blooded Cherokee, but he's not my Native American friend. My friend Desi is Caucasian as they come, but he is not my white friend. My neighbors are from Colombia, but they are not my South American friends.

No, they are ALL just my friends.

Not my black, white, red, yellow or any other colored friends.......just MY friends.  Despite the slant this whacked out PC world tries to SPIN it. I am from South Carolina and I ONLY HAVE FRIENDS.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

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