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How to get Chris to your next Ministry event.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Good Enough?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Hardest substance in the World

When I was a Student pastor one of the highlights of my year was to attend the Youth Specialties Conferences. It was a time where I could fellowship with other Ministers, and gain some fresh perspectives on how to approach my Ministry. Each day there were breakout seminars on various topics of interest from some of the top names in Student Ministry. One seminar I always attended was from former Student Pastor and author Barry St Clair. Barry was one of the few I met that had a great perspective on the balance of Evangelism and Discipleship. In one of those years Barry shared and illustration, and I started a tradition in my life that I hope to continue to the end.

He came in that day and asked "What is the hardest substance in the world"? Well immediately about 8 people called out "A Diamond"!  Barry looked at us and said "No its not a diamond. The hardest substance in the world is Fruity Pebbles". We all looked at him amusement, as he went on to explain his theory. He said that every morning he ate Fruity Pebbles, he loved them. He went on to say that he noticed there are always a few of them floating in the bowl after he finished and that led him to a choice. If he immediately went to the sink and rinsed the bowl it made washing the bowl a snap. However if he just let the fruity pebbles sit then during the day the sun would come up and shine through the window and bake those same fruity pebbles into an impenetrable substance! He's right. You can pull your fingernail off trying to get that thing off the bowl. It takes a jackhammer to do the clean up!

Barry continued. "It's like that with sin in our lives. Its amazing how much easier it is to deal with it immediately. The longer we let it sit the harder it becomes." The easier it is to let it stay there and turn into a set in hard mess.  I have found that to be so true in my life. The Bible tells us to confess our sins because He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us all from our unrighteousness.  There is nothing like the feeling of being clean. Im at least a 2 shower a day guy. I love to sit under the water and let the grime of life wash away. So I decided to do that in my life.

I started a Christmas tradition that I have never told anyone about. I find an empty church one afternoon during the holidays  (doesn't have to be a church) and I sit and I confess any sin I can remember. I simple sit under shower of the grace and mercy of God and come clean! Being cleansed from your sins is a feeling that people who don't know Christ cannot understand. When I come clean with God, I usually sit and listen to playlist of Christian songs until time to go.

Christmas is about Forgiveness. The first Christmas is where God initiated and began His plan for you and I to come clean. I want to encourage  you to do that this Christmas season. Find His forgiveness. Come clean! Don't let those Fruity Pebbles sit.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, July 8, 2016

How to spend an hour in Prayer for this country (short version)

On another tragic day in the life of this nation, I am reminded and even warned again that I need to be in prayer. I sincerely believe that the only hope for a country that judgement has been declared on is found in Jonah chapter 3. Repent and call urgently on God.

Prayer is mentioned so many times in the Bible, and yet so very many professing Christians do not pray. We know we should, we are supposed to, its the right thing to do, we just don't do it.

For many (I would say most) Christians, asking them to pray for an hour seems daunting. So I put together this quick guide to help you.

How to pray for this country for an Hour:

10 minutes: Still yourself and read Jonah chapter 3. Ask God to still you, and show you what He wants in this passage.

10 minutes: Spend some time confessing your sin. (Sin is anything God is displeased with). Repent from it and turn towards God. If you can't remember them ask God to show them to  you.

10 Minutes: Spend this time praying for Our President and our leaders. Whether you agree with them or not. Call out to God to grant them Wisdom in leading. Ask God to give them a heart for him. Earnestly plead for their repentance (turning away from sin and towards God)

10 Minutes: Spend this time praying for the families of those who were shot. In this shooting and all the others. Call them by name. Plead for their comfort, salvation, and restoration.

10 Minutes: Spend this time asking God for a Great Awakening of true spiritual Revival. Confess the sins of our country, our ancestors (yes that Biblical), and anything God brings to you Mind.

10 Minutes: As God to grow you spiritually. To bring genuine Revival in  your own life. To find, know, and develop the gifts He has given you when He put His Spirit in you. Ask God to burden  you to continually pray. To seek His face not just what he can do for you.

You have spent an hour in prayer.

Do this!! Share this!! Pray to God while He may be found!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Why I refuse to have Black friends!

I am white.
I am southern.
I am conservative.
I am Christian.
I live in South Carolina.
My great great grandad served in the Civil war for the Confederacy.

I stand before you today saying that I am proud that I do not have any black friends. I'm also so proud that I don't have any white friends. Oh sure I have friends. I have a friend named Robert who is black, but he's not my black friend. I have a friend named Trent who is Irish American, but he's not my Irish buddy. My friend Michelle is a full blooded Cherokee, but he's not my Native American friend. My friend Desi is Caucasian as they come, but he is not my white friend. My neighbors are from Colombia, but they are not my South American friends.

No, they are ALL just my friends.

Not my black, white, red, yellow or any other colored friends.......just MY friends.  Despite the slant this whacked out PC world tries to SPIN it. I am from South Carolina and I ONLY HAVE FRIENDS.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Truths for your Church I learned from over 850 Wild game Banquets.

I started speaking at Men's events and Wild game Banquets back in the 1990's and since that time I have had the privilege of speaking at over 850 events all over the country. Here are a few truths I learned during that time.

1) The Best Game Banquets are done on Weeknights not weekends. -  The reason for this is simple. Guys who hunt and fish do so on the weekends. Show me a Wild game Banquet that is on the weekend, and I will show  you one that is primarily filled with Church goers. An event planned on a week day breaks up the work week for a guy, while still allowing him to talk about hunting and fishing. Choose your times wisely.

2) The Venue makes a difference.- Churches that do their Banquets away from the Church building find they have much better success, because guys who don't know Christ have a thing about walking in a church. Ive heard Church members say: "Well they should want to come to the House of God" Well two things: the building is NOT the house of God. God dwells in people not buildings. (Acts 17:34) Secondly if they wanted to come to your church they would be there. Choose a venue that is non threatening to the non church goer. Give them the chance to hear the good news.

3) "Ambush Evangelism" will hurt your Banquet in the future-  Ive heard Jason Cruise who is in my opinion the leading authority on reaching men through hunting and fishing. Talk about this in his blog: http://jasoncruise.com, and I have seen it as well. A speaker will get everyone to bow their head and close their eyes with the promise of not embarrassing  anyone. However the moment a hand is raised he will tell them to look up and move to a counseling room or to talk with a counselor. This destroys credibility for future Banquets as an outreach event. I had a seminary professor that said a speaker should spend as much time preparing their invitation as their message. Don't bait and switch. Make sure your speaker knows how to extend an invitation and let God work.

4) Churches that use a response card do a much better job of "Follow up" than those that don't.
Following up on decisions made at a Wild game Banquet or any Evangelistic event is critical. Too many churches put more energy and planning in the physical food than the spiritual food. A response card used at the end of a decision time can give the church the valuable and confidential information they need to help a new convert grow and stick. Sometimes a follow up can help deepen up some commitments that a person may not have fully understood. I suggest using your response card at the end for your door prize card. Just make sure that everyone fills one out, and that decision is kept private.

Wild Game Banquets can be an amazing outreach tool, that will draw people that would not otherwise darken the doors of  your Church if they are done with prayer, care and a little thought.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Things Ive learned from BASS Pros about preparing for Bow Season!

Over the window in my office hangs the Wells coat of arms. Underneath it reads one of the few Latin phrases that I know by heart. Semper Paratus which translates loosely "Always Prepared".  Now I am sitting here in the middle of July with the temperature hovering around 94 with 80% humidity, and suddenly it dawns on me that bow season in my state only about 3 weeks away! I can't tell you how many times I have let the season slip up on me, and I find myself totally unprepared. So what do I do? I look to some over looked experts for help.  You see one of the coolest secrets that I have learned while traveling with the BASS Elite Series Anglers is that some of the best Bass Fishermen in the world are also some of the best Bow Hunters as well. I have had the privilege of getting to hunt with as well as pick the brains of some of the best Bow hunters on the tour. Here are a few things I picked up from some really neat BASS Pros that just may help you get ready for bow season just in time!

1) Get your legs in shape. That's right your legs! Bow hunting can be one physically demanding sport. From the walk to your spot, to the climbing of the tree, without proper physical conditioning you can set yourself up for failure.  Clifford Pirch is a BASS Pro that hails from Payson Arizona, but when hunting season rolls around he is an Elk guide. In case  you don't know it, Elk hunting is a synonym for  "Hiking". Payson has some of the largest Public hunting areas in the country and they are loaded with Elk, and if you want to get them you have to walk them down! Cliff Pirch is a walking machine. Ive learned from Cliff that not only do the "legs feed the wolf", they also make bow hunters better.

2) Practice holding at full draw.  Over the last ten years or so I have had the privilege to get to hunt with Shaw Grigsby on several occasions. Shaw has one of the most successful fishing shows of all time in "One More Cast", but what everyone doesn't know is that he is literally a bow hunting guru who has executed shots in excess of 60 yards! One of the best things I learned from Shaw is to watch tv while holding your bow at full draw. Being able to develop the muscles that allow you to hold your draw longer will put you in a position to make stealthier and more ethical kill shots. I spend a lot of nights holding that string back while watching my favorite shows aka The Bassmasters, and Major League fishing.

3) Have the correct tools to set your stands correctly. Several years ago I got to go on a Mission trip to Joplin Missouri with BASS Pro Brent Chapman. We went in just days after the devastating tornados literally destroyed the city. Brent brought a team of workers and was a powerhouse with a chain saw. He had various types of extensions to reach most every situation we met. I asked him why he had so those and his answer was "tree stand placement". You don't have to have top of the line equipment, but having the correct tools to be able to clear, conceal, and hang your stands can be the difference in filling a tag or not.

Getting Prepared is critical. Whether in fishing, hunting, or your spiritual life, being prepared is the key!

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