Friday, June 1, 2012

A Face for Video or Radio?

Now I have to tell you that of all the people that I know who should not be doing anything on Video, my name should top the list. Now there was a time when my abs had a six pack,but as of late I have a 3 liter......ok a mini keg!  However, with that being said the old BASS Chaplain is heading into the Video age with a full head of Steam! I am partnering with Mike Lord Outdoors to create an exciting and hopefully amazing series of Videos for Men! Our goal is to create a 30 day devotional series aimed at guys who may have a little trouble spending time with God. Most men have heard they need to spend time with God, shoot they even know and believe they should spend time with God. The problem is that they just don't do it! I want to give guys like that a helpful resource that will help enable them to stop wanting to spend time with God, but rather start doing it!

The Series will have a 3-5 minute devotional that can be downloaded to any computer or smart phone. Each day will include  relevant Bible teaching (usually from the outdoors) designed to meet men right where they are. For 30 days men will be able to have the Bass Chaplain lead them into life changing habits that God honors!! No one who gets in the presence of God can remain the same!

The Series will also have 4 Longer teaching sessions so a Church or Men's Ministry can use this a small group Study or in their Sunday School. We are very excited about this new step that we have taken to bring Men to the forefront of Church and family leadership. Please pray for us this month as filming has already started.

This week ill be headed to Toledo Bend for the BASS Elite Series Event. I will be documenting my journey each day on Social cam. Make sure  you tune it to check it out!!